Vehicles we use :

The main recovery vehicle is a ford transit 3.5 ton extra long wheel base twin rear wheel beaver tail type truck. The body has been built specifically to our requirements with a 4 ton remote controlled winch, lots of powerful led work lights, led beacons front and rear and a large beacon fitted on the roof. The transit Is also fitted with an engine driven air compressor so tyres can be inflated and air tools can be used outside of the workshop environment.


The rear suspension on the transit has been replaced with a full air suspension kit from VB air suspension.. this is very similar to whats used in ambulances. Not only is the ride quality much better, but the rear of the truck can be dropped on to the bump stops, this lowers the loading angle considerably. This particular suspension set up is self levelling on both corners, so the height is always the same, regardless of the load.


The transit is equipped with the latest version of fords TDCI engine and is currently 155hp. The interior is kept cool with air conditioning and fitted with state of the art built in garmin sat nav, which also incorporates Bluetooth hands free.


A digital vdo tachograph Is fitted and used when towing the Brian James trailer. The trailer is a 16ft 2800kg tilt bed low rider with extra long ramps so even the lowest of cars should be no problem.


The transit can carry 1300 kg while the trailer can carry 2100kg.


We also use an Isuzu trooper, while this can only carry one vehicle on the trailer it can tow more weight at 2300kg. Along with having a tachograph fitted the trooper has diesel powered heater to keep the interior warm, should a night out ever be required on a long distance recovery.

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